Click the Home tab Double-Click email message to open in separate message window. Go to your new window and click on File’ tab: Select Info then click Properties button. Headers are displayed in the read-only ‘Internet headers’ text box at the bottom of the properties dialog. Click anywhere in the ‘Internet headers’ text box, and… Read More

Open up Claws and Sign In. Open the message you wish to view. Right click and say view source Copy the source code You can now paste it into a text document or new email… Read More

Open up Gnome Evolution. Click on the message you wish to view. To view the message data, click on View, Message Source or press Ctrl+U. This will display the message data in a new window. To only view the complete headers for a message, click View and  All Message Headers. This will display the complete… Read More

Open up Juno and Sign In. On the drop down menu click on Options, choose Email Options (press ctrl-E). Under Show Message Headers, select the full option. Click the OK button to save the setting. Juno version 4+ can display MIME and HTML email, but it does not provide a way of Viewing the HTML… Read More

To get the full text of an HTML message from TheBat email software you can do the following: Message -> SaveAs -> Save as Type – I Select Unix Mailboxes[*.mbx] Open the file in your preferred editor, then simply cut and paste. For The Bat! v1.53bis: Select the message in question Click on the “Messages”… Read More

To get mutt (the mail user agent) to forward the full headers (not display them for viewing), use the command “unset forward_decode” in your rc file or directly in the command interface.… Read More

Launch KMail Go to the email you want to inspect. Select Message and click View Source. Copy the source code. Paste the text from the “Message as Plain Text” window into a new message.… Read More

Open Opera Mail Click the message containing the headers you want to see so it displays in the window below your inbox. Click Display all headers, across from the To field. The full headers display in the window below. You can now copy the headers and paste them into a text document or new email.… Read More

Log in to your Netscape Webmail Click on a message to view it. While viewing the message, click on the yellow triangle to the right of the brief message headers. You can now copy the full headers and paste it into another window. To close the full headers and return to brief headers, click the… Read More

To read the email header in Netscape Messenger : Windows users simply press Ctrl-U (meta-U in unix, ?-U on Macintosh). A new window will open with the full message including the complete header. To copy this to a email message press Ctrl-A to highlight the entire message Press Ctrl-C to copy it. Open the email… Read More